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Chart: Paper Machine Clothing Properties Comparison | WP120, WP102, WP104, WP157, WP807, PS141, WP130, PS235, PS144, WP804, PX122, PS132, PX111-5, PX-144, PX200, PX205, WP87, WP200, PX205, WP220, WP315, WP320, WP333, WP330, PX301, PX340, PX308, PX321, WP89, WP91, BS22R, XA893, NX156, NX157, WN32, WN18, BM25R, NX203, NX214, BM24R, BM20R, NX318, NX228, NX321, BN20R, NX210, WN250, NX227, WN20, NX115, WN102, WN21, NX305, NX317, NX320, NX315, WN38, NX122, NX152, NX327, NX310, NX141, NX174, NX183, NX182, NX127, WN50, NX220, PA610, NX206, NX226, NX201, NX316, NX340, NX306, NX346, PS114, WP500, WP550, PX143, WP700, PX241, WP775, PX203, PX405, PX411, PX421, WP809, WN125, WN175, NX301, NX500, HPA14, HPA30, HPA40, HPA43, HPA13, HPA501, HPP56

Chart: Polyester Size Equivalents | Polyester Monofilaments

Chart: Polypropylene Size Equivalents | Polypropylene Monofilaments

Chart: Sewing Thread Conversion Factors | Sewing Thread

Chart: Spool Dimensions | Sewing Thread

Chart: Thermoplastic Monofilament Fiber Chart | Thermoplastic fibers

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